Enhanced belt life and
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  Increased productivity
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In TURBOFLEX PREMIUM V-Belts we use selected raw materials conforming to specific quality standards. These standards are upheld by stringent SPC testing.


TURBOFLEX PREMIUM is a full line power transmission belt manufactured by Dharamshila Belting Pvt. Ltd.


Testing of TURBOFLEX PREMIUM products vs. the low cost product shows that a TURBOFLEX PREMIUM Premium power transmission belt will last 2.5 to 10 times longer.

Breif Manufacturing Process

Cord application in TURBOFLEX PREMIUM V-belts is far superior with itís individually wound concept.


Tension predictability from belt to belt is far superior with TURBOFLEX PREMIUM, due to the fact that each belt receives exactly the same amount of cord.


Base fabric is high quality Polyester-cotton fabric with high thread counts and lower gauge.


Fabric is calendared to insure full rubber impregnation


TURBOFLEX PREMIUM V-Beltís Vulcanization process is superior due to the fact that the belts are vulcanized with the state of the art machinery.


Statistical Process Control Testing before processing. On line testing during processing.


Post processing SPC testing. All phases together are completed with SPC that insures product uniformity.



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